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MSN:      QQ: 1979459188µã»÷ÕâÀï¸øÎÒ·¢ÏûÏ¢
 Email Robot  IP:113.240.8.* 8/1/2014 1:24:17 πμ
If you need to run on another machines, Please open your registration email and click the registration link to get key code. In the register page, enter your machine code(Run our software, in the Help menu,click register, you will find the machine code), then click submit button, you will receive registration key code immediately. Note:You can register on any computer,but Only the last key code is effective. when The new key code generate,the old key code will be invalidated.
 Email Robot  IP:113.249.32.* 16/4/2010 11:21:34 μμ
 lch  IP:58.62.161.* 16/4/2010 9:30:53 μμ
   IP:113.240.193.* 20/1/2010 8:50:03 πμ
Maybe : Means that mail may be valid.The email's syntax and server is valid, due to some reason, can not verify the existence. Refuse : Email server refused to validate. Failing : Failing Means send fail.
 Ger  IP:190.64.183.* 24/12/2009 9:52:53 πμ
Hi, i have a problem whith the full version of email robot; in the verify a list of 7000 emails the system hang up (AMD TURIONx2 2000 mgz, 3 GB ram Memory, procesor RM 70). Please,you can help me to solve this problem. Thanks.
   IP:122.51.90.* 10/12/2009 4:29:16 πμ
Supported Operating Systems:XP,win2003,Vista,WIN7,32-bit or 64-bit can be used. if you use Vista ,you need to allow email robot to access outside networks ,read and write disk files. You can right-click mouse button on emailrobot icon, run as Administrator .
 John Wong  IP:67.100.109.* 10/11/2009 11:18:30 μμ
Hi, I have bought the email spider,and now i have a 64bit MS Vista windows. The email spider will not run correctly, it can not search and the settings menu have error when loaded. DO you have a 64 bit version? Thank you. John.
   IP:122.51.90.* 23/9/2009 4:39:54 μμ
Our software supports almost all SMTP type. you are on AOL's white list, means that AOL will not reject email from you, so you can send email to AOL . but if you are not on hotmail's white list , hotmail will reject your email. E-mail service provider is a mutual authentication,You can use the e-mail service provider's SMTP to send email. such as gmail,hotmail...,They can be distributed to all e-mail.
   IP:121.14.246.* 20/9/2009 7:16:52 πμ
Sorry, The current version does not support personalize content.We will add this feature in the next version. Once completed, your system will be updated automatically.
   IP:121.14.247.* 31/7/2009 7:46:15 πμ
Only syntax : to verify E-mail address syntax specification. Syntax and mail servers : to verify E-mail address syntax specification and the mail server; Mailbox Exists : to verify E-mail address syntax specification and the mail server and mail address exists on the mail server; 20000 ~ 100000 is more appropriate; Delete email address in the form will not affect the original file.
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